Introducing the History of Century.
Since 2000
  • Received a citation of "Machinery Industry Promotion" from the Minister of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
  • Received a presidential citation of "Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning Industry Promotion"
  • Entered into a compressor technology partnership with Danfoss Turbocor
  • Developed an oil-free inverter turbo chiller
  • AHRI Certification (turbo chiller, test equipment, air-conditioning unit coil)
  • Exported turbo chiller to Japan
  • Entered into the US and Chinese nuclear power generation market (cooperated with US Bechtel)
  • Delivered 2 units of the 2000RT turbo chiller at the Incheon International Airport power station A field
  • Registered as a supplier of nuclear equipment together with US Bechtel
  • Developed the 2000RT turbo chiller (single COMP) and certified it as high-efficiency energy equipment
  • Acquired Storage Refrigeration Midnight Power Equipment KEPCO Certification (medium- and large-size storage refrigeration system water heat storage type, heat pump type)
  • Converted company name from Finetech Century Co. Ltd. to Century Corporation
  • Moved Seoul office (to Hwagok6-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul) and factory (from Ansung to Asan).
  • Acquired Storage Refrigeration Midnight Power Equipment KEPCO Certification (medium and large, small-size storage refrigeration system - water heat storage type, ice thermal storage type)
  • Developed a water conversion method screw heat pump (R-134a)
  • Developed a high-efficiency absorption chiller/heater unit, high-pressure turbo chiller, system air-conditioner
  • Selected as the top global product of screw refrigerant compressor
  • Acquired turbo chiller high-efficiency certification and screw gas compressor explosion proof certification
  • Transferred head office and factory (Miyang-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do) and made an exclusive domestic sales contract of Marley cooling towers
  • Developed a geothermal heat pump system, developed and released a ventilation system
  • Acquired absorption chiller / centrifugal fan high-efficiency certification
  • Took over Century Sales Service Co. Ltd. and KYOUNGWON CENTURY AMERICA INC.
  • Received ISO9001•14001, IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award, and KT mark for scroll refrigerant compressor
  • Scroll refrigerant compressor designated as global outstanding capital goods
  • Acquired air-conditioner sterilization mark and KEPIC certification
Prior to 2000
  • Acquired air compressor KS, air-conditioner KS certification, US UL, ETS, Canadian CSA, nuclear pressure container (N) ASME
  • Acquired Energy Efficiency Grade 1, screw compressor UL/CSA certification
  • Acquired marine-type chiller, heat pump air-conditioner, motor KS certification, wall/ceiling mount air-conditioner, resin molding motor
  • Electric coating system (designated as the first domestic unit), chiller/heater unit, screw compressor, air compressor, KS certification
  • Acquired air-conditioner KS certification, US UL, ETL, and Canadian CSA certification. Entered into a screw compressor technology partnership with Swedish SRM
  • Acquired screw chiller, compression container ASME(U) certification
  • Manufactured air-conditioner, condensing unit, reciprocating chiller, AHU, FCU, FAN, turbo chiller, motor, warm air heater
  • heat recovery chiller, thermo-hygrostat, reciprocating refrigerant compressor, absorption chiller, turbo chiller compressor